Overall international trade deficit soared in December after goods exports contracted at a faster pace than energy imports. Services trade surplus increased slightly resulting in a widening of overall trade deficit.

Wholesale inflation declined in December and dragged the down cumulative inflation in twelve months. The WPI index dropped to the lowest in nearly two years.

Industrial output rebounded in November after mining production, manufacturing output and electricity generation increased at a healthy pace.

Consumer price inflation in December declined for the third month in a row and stayed within the preferred range set by the Reserve Bank of India.

Current account deficit soared to a record high surpassing the previous high a decade ago after a sharp rise in crude oil prices and sustained import of gold overwhelmed the service export surplus.

Services export growth trimmed trade deficit in November but goods exports struggled to advance.

The slower pace of price increase in food and energy weakened inflationary pressure in wholesale prices across all commodities in November.

Consumer price inflation in November eased after food prices rose at a slower pace

Industrial output in India declined in October after manufacturing and electricity production declined from the previous months.

The Reserve Bank of India slowed its pace of rate increase and lowered its annual economic growth outlook but held its estimate of annual inflation.

Passenger vehicle sales soared in November from a year ago but 2-wheeler sales were mixed.

GDP in the September quarter slowed to 6.3% after the slow down in private spending, international trade and investments overwhelmed government spending surge.

India's Fiscal Deficit Expands

30 Nov,2022
Brian Turner
India's fiscal deficit expanded in the seven months to October as the central government stepped up infrastructure spending.

October exports rose 4% and imports surged 11.8% from a year ago. Rising service trade surplus trimmed the expanding goods deficit in the month.

GST Collection Surges In October

1 Nov,2022
Anand Sheth
Goods and Services tax in October rose the second-high monthly level on the rising business activities.

The RBI lifted its key lending rate and said high inflation is not expected to decline at least for the next two years. The central bank also lowered its annual GDP estimate and hiked inflation estimate for third quarter.